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We routinely counsel executives, professionals, and other employees, and negotiate on their behalf, concerning noncompetition, nondisclosure, and severance agreements and disputes concerning additional compensation owed.

Areas of Expertise

Contract Negotiations

Negotiating Severance Agreements & Advising Employees on Other Agreements

We negotiate on behalf of departing employees the terms of their severance agreements. often obtaining much higher severance payments. We also advise former employees concerning the impact of restrictive agreements such as non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements.

Defending Breach Of Non-Competition and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement Claims

We have experience defending individuals and their new employer against claims by the former employer that a non-competition or non-disclosure agreement has been breached.

Failure To Pay Sales Commissions

When an employer has failed to pay a departing employee all wages due, including all commissions and other compensation due, the departing employee often has a valuable claim, particularly if the issue falls under the Massachusetts Wage Act. We have represented numerous individuals in wage claims, often times resulting in a pre-suit settlement or settlement soon after the lawsuit is filed.